• chrissiemarieb

    April 16, 2018

    This place was highly recommended to us by some friends so we checked it out last night. This may be a new favorite shop. we used to go to Kushmart up the street, but lately the service has been less than pleasant and the shop is in a little dirty. however THC connection combines the clean atmosphere of a boutique with reasonable prices. The shop was pristine and the service was fantastic. The gals we talked to seemed very knowledgeable and gave us several recommendations. I would definitely check this place out if your looking for good quality pot at reasonable prices. ... Read More

  • dem747

    February 02, 2018

    ... Two prerolls and some kief. Great great stuff quality and price on what I got. Going back for more soon. This place has some awesome stock deals going on now. Smaller places like this have to compete with the chains...Bhut, Kusmart,KusmartSE,LR so they have to try and offer great deals....which this place seems to be hitting pretty regularly lately. ... Read More

  • Ultimate86Man

    April 16, 2018

    THC Connection truly does have the connection for rare medicinal concentrates. I was able to buy out the Blue Buddha strain from Mr Wholesale, and I really hope they bring it back soon because if they do I will be a regular customer, either that or Purple Buddha! ... Read More

  • ladles

    January 16, 2018

    I cannot believe this store has been open for a little bit and I hadn't gone in until only recently! I've been shopping next door at BH the entire time because it's closest and most convenient to me, but I was always disappointed in how overpriced some of their stuff can be, but I'd just shrug and move on. Some friends of mine gave a recommendation to this place because they frequent here often, so I thought I'd check it out and I was pleasantly surprised on how clean and organized not just the store was, but the employees as well. I've been in a handful of dispensaries that totally put me off because the employees have looked very unkempt and are sometimes very obviously stoned out of their minds and have some cognitive issues going on as a result of that, but the employees here are professional, helpful, and very friendly. Also, the prices are AWESOME and the product is good, too. I thought that I'd be sacrificing quality for the prices they offer, but that hasn't been an issue. I've been paying for overpriced oil for too long and I'm not interested in going anywhere else anymore. I also really appreciate their loyalty cards :-) ... Read More

  • jiji2442

    January 16, 2018

    Kinda following the tend from other posts...Long time shopper at the BH next door and very glad i decided to stop by THC Connection. Great service, lots of options to choose from and very good prices . The parking lot is easier to get in and out of as well. I would say the other difference is the time the staff will take with clients the come in. Some of the larger dispensary's have more of a fast food feel to them and THC Connection still has that small medical shop feel to it. ... Read More

  • BryanG

    January 16, 2018

    My new shop! I used to patronize the Bud Hut on the same block, but no more! I got tired of the ever rising prices and the unfriendly, unhelpful bud tenders. On a lark I dropped by this shop and was pleasantly surprised. Great product at very affordable prices. Best co2 oil I've bought at a shop and it was only $30. Great flower at $9 for 2 grams. Man! Bud Hut can't touch this. And the staff? Super friendly and super knowledgable. I can't recommend them enough. Especially if you normally go to the Bud Hut! ... Read More

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